Ambassadors Scheme

Do you want to add a different perspective to your scent detection training? Do you want to help your clients provide the best cognitive and emotional well-being for their dogs? Igniting the seeking system of both the dogs, and their guardians? What about solving mysteries, finding clues and providing your clients with the fun, excitement and absolute joy of planned scenario-based training?

If the answer is a big ‘YES!’ then why not join the team in becoming a UKCSD Ambassador, and coach your clients under our support and guidance , in training their dogs to become UK Canine Scent Detectives. You will train your clients through a three-tier system. The first is UK Canine Scent Detective ‘Constable’ the second UK Canine Scent Detective ‘Sergeant’ and the third is UK Canine Scent Detective ‘Inspector’.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to take things further within your scent detection career. You can still join the team as a UKCSD Ambassador, training and coaching your clients to become UK Canine Scent Detectives. Working alongside their dogs to, find clues, solve crimes or mysteries, and enjoying pet-dog scent-work as never before.

The UKCSD Ambassador will train and develop the necessary skills and knowledge for their clients to progress thorough the UK Canine Scent Detective ‘school’

UKCSD Constable; The new enthusiastic team have just completed their initial UKCSD training course. This is their first assessment, they are given their first assignment, their first crime to solve. Can they successfully search and solve their first crime?

UKCSD Sergeant; A wiser more experienced dog and handler team, responding to a more involved crime. Where these ‘crimes’ become more serious, the searches are longer, clues more difficult to find, but with further training and guidance, the team will succeed….

UKCSD Inspector; ‘Working directly with UKCSD Superintendent Statfold’ the team will travel to Sniffton Town where they will be called upon to assist within this testing and exciting search arena. If the team complete the tasks this could be an opportunity for promotion to the rank of UK Canine Scent Detective Inspector.

Firstly, we require you to have completed the full C&G Scent Detection, and Instructor Programmes, giving you the required practical knowledge and the necessary instructional skills and techniques. Once these City and Guilds awards have been achieved, you can complete your journey to becoming a UKCSD Ambassador. Training and coaching members of your scent detection classes to become UK Canine Scent Detectives.

Our elite ambassador programme will give you opportunities to organise, run and develop our three-tier ‘rank’ system, which we genuinely believe will offer exciting and unique opportunities for your own clients, where your dogs will work under the guidance of UKCSD Superintendent Statfold, our head UK Canine Scent Detective.

Finally, as a UKCSD Ambassador, you have the opportunity to use the UK Behaviour and Charter Group logo. Displaying this on your website will show an ethical commitment to canine training and student support, demonstrating your obligation to the welfare of the dogs and their guardians.

This is just the beginning of a new and exciting scent detection journey, where you will receive support from the UK College of Scent Dogs. We will provide you with an information portfolio, a welcome pack, certificates and rosettes for your successful clients, CPD in the form of webinars from Dr Robert Hewings, opportunities for career development, and an opportunity to become involved in future UKCSD Mysteries for our UK Canine Scent Detectives to solve.