Grab ‘N’ Go Bag

Grab ‘N’ Go Bag


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This tough water resistant military style waist grab bag fully loaded with a variety of containers, it’s ideal for any active Scent Dog Trainer. This bag is designed for sole use of your loaded scent containers, keeping contamination to an absolute minimum. As any good Scent Dog Trainer understands contamination is our number one enemy! Once you have prepared your “live hides” for either a training class, or simply to take out on a walk with your own dog….where do you put them?  Hopefully not back in with your scent kit, in your pockets or just resting on your car seat! Use this grab bag to transport your “live hides” to your training venue if preparing in advance. Wear the bag with ease always there to retrieve your hides, and place out fresh hides as the training session progresses. (Free p&p UK only, please allow up to 28 days for delivery) All scent kits are © UKCSD


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