The Award Winning…… Scent Training for every dog

The Award Winning…… Scent Training for every dog


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Scent dogs are happy dogs!

Scent training, so long the preserve of the specialist, is now one of the fastest growing canine sports, enriching the lives of all the dogs that take part. Scent work taps into the dogs natural behaviour and is the means of providing a rewarding occupation with a very special feel-good factor.

Packed with trainers tips and details of making your own scent studio, scent work games to play and troubleshooting solutions ‘SCENT TRAINING FOR EVERY DOG’ is the complete guide for those who want to get started in scent work. This book won the best training book award 2020, from the Dog Writers Association of America, well done to the head of the UKCSD, Dr Robert Hewings.

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