UKCSD Scent-Training Modular Kit

UKCSD Scent-Training Modular Kit


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Based upon the expensive and heavy equipment we used within the police search world, we wanted to create affordable, portable and adaptable scent-training equipment for all.

We believe the UKCSD Modular Scent-Training Kit, is our best and most useful training equipment for scent-detection training classes. You will receive;

One XL Industrial strength bag (Containing)

  • 10 (one meter) lengths for holding the pots, these are numbered helping your training
  • 9 Straight joints, this gives your dog a 10-meter linear search (if required)
  • 4 Corner Joints
  • 4 ‘T’ section joints
  • 6 Wall mounting brackets
  • 2 Smaller ‘pull tight bags’ containing
  • 53 bespoke ‘food grade’ scent pots

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