What We Provide

City & Guilds Assured Credentials and Certificates, Canine Search and Scent dog Instructor

City & Guilds has a world-wide reputation, and is probably the most well recognised and respected practical qualification in the UK. Do not underestimate the prestige and reputation the City & Guilds Assured Certificate, logo and digital credentials will bring to your business.

Our scent detection courses come with a City & Guilds Assured Credentials giving you the opportunity to use the City & Guilds logo when advertising your pet dog scent-work, or accompanying your future CV.

The digital credentials can be added to emails, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, your digital CV, and of course your website. These will support you and your business demonstrating learning excellence, and the quality your classes or search dog handling will provide!

Our scent training programmes are unique and the only ones that will give you the opportunity to build a comprehensive portfolio as well as achieving a City & Guilds Assured Credentials and logo to use for your marketing and website.

How do I achieve these Assured Credentials?

These City & Guilds credentials are gained following a strict and planned training programme. The candidate must complete all programmes in order to gain the City & Guilds Scent Detection Instructor Credentials.

Firstly the ‘Detection Hander’ where this initial course will give you the base knowledge and skills in preparation for the assessment, it is recommended a short gap between the initial course and the assessment, giving you and your dog opportunity to improve upon this base knowledge. Don’t worry you will recieve support from the UKCSD if any training questions arise, and given a training log to complete. You will soon be ready for the ‘Assessment’ it is only after the successful assessment can the candidate be awarded the ‘Detection Handler Credentials’

Once the candidate successfully completes both the ‘Detection Handler’ course and ‘The Assessment’  you will have acquired the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to roll onto to the Scent Dog Instructor Programme.

The Scent Handler programme begins with the initial 6-day course (Course Bookings page), it is then followed up by the 6-day assessment (Course Bookings page). The successful candidate will achieve the C&G Assured Scent Detection Canine Search Credentials.

 The steps are;

  1. Detection Handler (Initial Course, this course alone will not achieve the Assured Credentials)
  2. Assessment Course (successful candidates will be awarded the City & Guilds Digital Credentials)
  3. Instructor Programme (Here the successful candidate will be awarded the ‘Instructor’ Credentials).

UKCSD Canine Tracking, from foundation to instructor …

The new and updated UKCSD Tracking courses have changed, taking an even greater ‘operational slant’ providing you and your dog the excitement, enjoyment and enrichment from these progressive tracking courses. They are split into two main steps with the intention of meeting your needs, as a potential Canine Tracking Instructor.

Step One: The initial tracking course, where you and your dog can engage in this fantastic pastime. This course will provide the basic tracking knowledge that you will need in order to provide your dog with some challenging nose-work training days.

Step Two: Why not take this subject a little further? If you wish to add it to your training portfolio, and teach others the ‘art of tracking’ this programme will now offer you that opportunity, sharing your knowledge within your own tracking classes.

Tracking Instructor Programme

  1. The Tracking Dog Foundation
  2. The Tracking Dog Instructor.